Othello and Mixtec, Alacatlatzala

Just a week and a half ago, I got the privilege of going with Pastor Elias and West Side Church to deliver Christmas presents (Same style as Operation Christmas Child) to the kids of the Mixtec community living in Othello.  Above is a picture of pastor Elias preaching the Gospel with a Mixtec translator to all the families who came out.

I brought the language diagnostic tool and got to speak with several people about their heritage.  Each person reported that they speak Mixtec, Alacatlatzala, that this whole community in Othello speaks it, and that everyone is from the same general area.  After doing some more research on this language, I found several interesting things:


Thank you all for praying and please continue with us in prayer for these people.  We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.





Transition to Global Service Network

Just this last week, we finished all the requirements to become associates with Global Service Network (GSN).  Our official start date with them is September 1 and if you’d like to continue giving towards our work in reaching the indigenous Mexican people groups, please visit the Connect Page to see how. We will not be able to receive donations any longer through Northern Light Ministries. Let me know if you have any questions

As I’ve worked with GSN more during the application process, they’ve really impressed me as an effective para-church organization well focused on better equipping local churches and Christians to get the gospel to the lost.  While we’re sincerely sad to be not working as directly with our friends in Northern Light Ministries, we are excited to work through GSN and through Sun Valley Church, continuing the same mission here in Yakima.