God works in everything

“The Lord works out everything to its proper end—even the wicked for a day of disaster.”

– Proverbs 16:4

  “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

– Romans 8:28

These last couple months have been full of unexpected things–some really wonderful, some grievous and others are sad and perplexing. Praise God because he is good, just, and in control.

   One of those wonderful things happened in December when someone new came to Church for guitar classes. After showing him some of the songs that I use to teach, it became obvious that he had never been to a Christian church. After confirming this, I asked him if he had ever heard of the term “Gospel” or had some one explain it to him.  He said that he had no idea what it meant.  Right there, God gave me the chance to go through and thoroughly explain the message of Bible.  Humbly, he said that he knew that he needed to change and needed help.  He said he did believe in the Gospel and we prayed together.  Now his wife and his mother in-law have publicly committed their lives to Christ in the Church and have attended regularly with a consistent hunger for more. Although he works during each of our services here at the church, we’ve been able to meet up with him weekly.

  • Please pray for them, because they are now suffering some sever rejection by their family for going to a Christian church.
  • Please pray that they will grow in their understanding of God and will respond in loving obedience to Him.
  • Pray their their appetite for Him will grow and that they will not become discouraged with the many difficulties that they now face.

   One of the griefs we experienced, was the lost of Sarah’s dear Grandmother who had suffered immensely throughout the last year.  Losing her made us vividly remember how painful the result of sin really is.  Death exists because of our sin, it is unnatural, and rips us apart from relationships.

  • Please pray for our extended family on Sarah’s side, whom we love and want to share the real deep comfort that comes through Christ alone. He alone conquers death.

   We also come across many situations down here which are sad and perplexing. There are the kind of things that wrench our hearts when we see them happen and leave us at a loss in regards to how to help. Just last week, I was reminded of the prevailing brutality of wicked men down here.  We were driving down the road with tools for the construction site when we passed by what we thought was just kids playing in the street.  However, as we drove by we saw that is was a furious man dragging his wife or daughter down the road by her hair beating her as she struggled to get away. Two little child follow behind them.

We were completely shocked. He was completely shameless and in blind rage. I and the man I was driving with stopped down the road and prayed together, desperately asking God for help.

What should we do? Confront him? Will it make him more aggressive? Should we call the police?  Can we even trust the police?

We then went to find Pastor Francisco and Javier who were at the job site and talked to them.  They said that we could and probably should call the police.  I then went around looking for them so I could report their location but I was unable not find them at that point.

I feel deep sadness for this situation.  We’re even sadder when we have to come to grips with the fact that most families suffer this kind of horrible suffering down here…just in secret.  In Oaxaca, Mexico there are entire regions where this kind of beating is publicly acceptable.

We know that God will judge the ungodly and that He is the one who helps the helpless, and so we put our hope in him and ask him to give us valiant confident faith to know how to respond better next time we see this happen.

  • Please pray for us to have courage and wisdom to stand up and help those who are true victims without a voice.
  • Please pray for this family that we saw in the road and the victims in this culture.

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